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Ticket Purchases using Smart Benefits

Customers who have already assigned your benefits to MTA Commuter Bus on the SmartBenefits website please remember to ORDER your tickets on-line through the MTA website,  no later than the 20th of each month.

As a reminder, each month you must go to MTA’s web site,, to purchase tickets or your monthly pass. 

From the MTA homepage select: 

•     Pass Store (Shopping Cart icon or Pass Store or Getting Around/Pass Store)

•     Select Pass you wish to purchase

•     Add to Cart

•     Include SmartBenefits amount and number on next page

•     Update cart

•     Check out 

Remember to enter your SmarTrip serial number and benefit amount when prompted on the order page.  Click “Update” after you have entered in your SmarTrip serial number.  Smart Benefits may NOT be used to pay for shipping costs. 

All tickets purchased using Smart Benefits are processed and mailed after the 20th of the month and before the 1st.

For more information about electronic benefits visit  and click on “Electronic SmartBenefits® Information.” 

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