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Sometimes the hardest part of waiting for your bus is just not knowing when it will arrive. MTA’s MyBusTracker and GPS technology put that uncertainty to rest. Now you can locate your bus and know with up-to-the-minute accuracy when it will arrive at your stop.

With MyBusTracker, you’ll be able to find out the scheduled and estimated actual arrival time in full graphic detail on your smart phone or computer; by text on any data-capable mobile phone; and by voice, when you call 410-539-5000. And if you sign up for real time notifications at MyMTATrackerAlerts.maryland.gov, you’ll even be able to set-it-and-forget-it so you receive email alerts or text messages about your bus at specified times throughout the day.

You asked for it. We listened. And now you can check it out any hour or day of the week by visiting MyBusTracker.mta.maryland.gov

Mobile Phone

Get Real-Time Information from any mobile phone.

Computer / Web

Access mta.maryland.gov from any computer, laptop/tablet to access Real-Time info.

Call / Phone

Call 410-539-5000 for Real-Time Info at any time.

SMS Alerts

Receive Real-Time info via texts or e-mail.

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