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MARC Fares



Fare Charts


Fare Options

One-Way Good for one trip in either direction.  This ticket is non-refundable and is good for six months from the date of purchase.  Not valid for travel on AMTRAK.
Weekly and Monthly Good for unlimited use beginning on Saturday of the designated week until midnight of the following Friday (weekly) or during the calendar month printed on the ticket (monthly).
  • MARC weekly and monthly tickets can be used to ride WMATA Metro bus (base fare only) in Maryland, DC, and Virginia; Montgomery County RIDE ON Buses and MTA Local Bus; Express Bus (upcharge included); Light Rail; Baltimore Metro Subway: MTA Commuter Bus No.515 between Frederick, MD and Shady Grove; and DASH.  
  • MARC Weekly and Monthly tickets may also be used to ride selected AMTRAK trains.  More...
MARC Transit Link Card (TLC) Exact fares may be found on the Commuter Direct website.
The TLC is also accepted on MTA’s Local Buses, Express Bus (upcharge included), Light Rail, and Baltimore Metro Subway services; Montgomery Co. RIDE ON Buses; and DASH.  The TLC is good for the base fare on all Metrobuses.
Discount Fares

Senior/Disability Qualifying customers receive a discount off the price of all MARC tickets, except the TLC. 
Senior citizens (65 and older) must show one of the following:
  • Valid MTA Senior photo ID card 
  • Valid government-issued photo ID showing date of birth, or 
  • Valid Medicare card and any valid government-issued photo ID 
Persons with disabilities must show one of the following:
  • Valid MTA Disability photo ID card
  • Valid disability ID from another transit agency AND any valid government issued photo ID, OR 
  • Valid Medicare card AND any valid government-issued photo ID. 
Qualifying customers must keep one of the above in their possession at all times 
while boarding and riding MTA services and when purchasing reduced fares.  
Additionally, one of the above must be presented on demand to MTA Police officers, 
fare inspectors, bus operators, Metro Subway station managers and other MTA officials.
Student Discount/Student Advantage Program Must be enrolled in the Student Advantage Program to receive up to 15% discount off MARC tickets.  This discount does not apply on surcharge fees to/from West Virginia (Martinsburg, 
Duffields, or Harpers Ferry).More information about Student Advantage.
Group Tickets by Reservation Only 

Groups of 10 to 60 may receive the group rate of 50 percent off the price of a full-fare MARC ticket for travel on Mondays and Fridays only. Contact the MARC Group Sales Office at 410-674-4885 between the hours of 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. or email to at least two weeks in advance to make reservations. Groups must receive a confirmation in order to receive the group rate.

Group tickets are not issued at MARC or Amtrak ticket locations without confirmation through the MARC Group Sales Office. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Children under the age of six may ride free with any passenger paying the full fare (limit of two children per full fare passenger).  Additional children will be charged the appropriate full fare.

Purchasing Fares

AMTRAK Self Service Ticket (SST) Kiosks (One-way, Weekly, Monthly)
These machines accept all major credit cards, and can be found at most MARC and AMTRAK Stations, and are available for use whenever MARC service is in operation.  Cash or vouchers of any kind cannot be used.  Senior/Disability and Student Advantage tickets are also available for purchase at SST Kiosks.  Stations with SST Kiosks are:

Penn Line

Brunswick Line

Camden Line



Camden Station










Penn Station









New Carrollton

Silver Spring


*Union Station, Washington has SST Kiosks as well as Amtrak Ticket Agents.
**Frederick and Odenton Stations have ticket agents.  Click HERE for more station information.
SST Kiosks are accessible to the visually impaired. With the insertion of a headset, supplied by the commuter, all SST Kiosks have audio to assist with the ticketing purchasing process.
Ticket Purchases on the Train (One-way tickets ONLY)
Commuters may use cash to purchase one-way tickets aboard MARC trains.  Tickets purchased on trains are subject to a $5.00 penalty if a ticket office is open OR there is a functioning ticket machine.  Conductors will not accept any bill denominations above $20 for cash fare sales.  Passengers presenting bills larger than $20 will be asked to leave the train at the next station that has a functioning ticket machine or ticket agent to purchase a ticket.
On-Line Purchases through Commuter Direct (One-way, Weekly, Monthly, and TLC) Commuter Direct Webpage
Commuter Direct is a service offered to our customers who wish to purchase tickets online.  All ticket types are available through Commuter Direct.  Commuters who enroll in Commuter Direct can purchase one-time tickets or sign up for renewable orders.  Tickets are ordered online and mailed to the customer. Commuter Direct accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.  
Customers who have an account with Commuter Direct may also use their SmarTrip Card for renewable orders.  Visit Commuter Direct for more information. 
Commuter Direct account holders who purchase the MARC monthly or TLC tickets receive free parking benefits at the BWI Marshall Rail Station parking garage if travel originates at the station, as indicated on the ticket. More parking information.
MARC / AMTRAK Ticket Offices
The MARC Odenton Station ticket office is now operated by Commuter Direct and accepts cash, major credit cards, and Commuter Choice Maryland Vouchers.  Commuter Direct account holders with renewable orders may choose to pick up their tickets at this location instead of having them mailed. Visit the Commuter Direct website for more information or contact the Odenton Station at 1.410.674.4885.
MARC tickets can also be purchased at AMTRAK Stations -Baltimore Penn Station, BWI Marshall Train Station, New Carrollton Station, and Washington Union Station- as well as the four Commuter Stores in Virginia


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