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Commuter Bus

Attention Commuter Bus 305, 315, and 325 Riders

Effective, Monday, March 30, 2015 the AM and PM stop on 16th Street and Aspen Street will be temporarily discontinued until further notice due to construction on the 16th Stret bridge. Riders may access Commuter Bus Routes 305, 315 and 325 at the 16th Street and Harvard Street stop.

Attention Commuter Bus 220, 230, 240, 250 and 260 Riders

Due to construction on Friday, March 13, 2015, Routes 220 and 230 AM stops on West Street and LaFayette Ave, Madison Place and Amos Garrett Blvd will NOT be served.

Riders that usually utilize these stops should go to the West Street at Calvert Street and and Russell Street stops to board the bus.

Additionally, due to the construction detour, all Trips serving West Street will arrive at the Truman Park and Ride Lot approximately 10 minutes late.

Routes 240, 250 and 260 may also encounter possible delays due to detouring traffic.

MTA Commuter Bus - "S" schedule except for 201, 202, 203 and 204

MTA Commuter Bus Service will operate on an "S" schedule tomorrow except Routes 201, 202, 203, and 204 -- they will operate on a regular weekday schedule. 

Route 201 service may be suspended if road conditions on the Inter County Connector do not support safe operations. 

Updates will be provided tomorrow as we receive information about road conditions. Thank you for your patronage of MTA Commuter Bus.

No MTA Commuter Bus Service Thursday

Due to the impending snow storm and closure of the Federal Government, there will be no MTA Commuter Bus service on Thursday, March 5.  The 201 Gaithersburg-BWI route will operate as scheduled, however, service will be suspended if road conditions do not permit safe operation.

A decision regarding service for Friday will be made Thursday evening.

If you must go out in this storm, please exercise extreme caution as conditions are forecasted to deteriorate significantly during the day today.  Thank you for riding MTA Commuter Bus.

Commuter Bus Service Thursday morning

If the current storm forecast for Baltimore and Washington proves accurate, it will be unlikely that MTA Commuter buses will be able to operate safely tomorrow. However, a final decision will not be made until later this evening or prior to 4AM. Note, Route 201 BWI service is expected to run but may be suspended if roadways become impassable or the airport shuts down.

Commuter Bus operating regular schedule

MTA Commuter Bus will operate on a regular/normal schedule today.  Please exercise caution when driving to your parking lot and walking to your bus loading area.  Thank you for riding Commuter Bus.

Commuter Bus Fernwood Rd. Stops Temporarily Discontinued

Attention 505 and 515 Commuters!

Due to a road closure at Fernwood Road on account of a water main break, Commuter Bus Routes 505 and 515 will not serve the Fernwood Road stops until further notice. Commuters may use the bus stops located on Rockledge Drive this afternoon commute.

Commuter Bus Service #201 Service Resumed

Commuter Bus Route #201 is back in service. Thank you for your patience during this winter weather event. Please bundle up and be very careful on your way to and from the bus stop.Thank you for riding Commuter Bus Service.

Wednesday: Full MARC and Commuter Bus Service

MARC Train and MTA Commuter Bus will operate full service on all lines/routes on Wednesday, February 18.  As you may have heard on the weather forecast, another snow storm will approach the area Wednesday evening.  Between this event and potential re-freezing overnight tonight:

MARC and Commuter Bus -- Impending Snow Storm

Due to the severe winter weather, MARC Train Service and MTA Commuter Bus are operating as follows today (Tuesday):

  • MARC Train: Camden and Brunswick Line, no service.  Penn Line, "S" schedule.  Only trains with an "S" under the train number in the timetable will operate.  Some trains may be cancelled due to a lack of equipment.
  • Commuter Bus: No service on all routes except for Route 201 (Gaithersburg-BWI Airport) which will operate as scheduled.

A decision about service on Wednesday will be posted Tuesday afternoon.


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