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MARC Train

Brunswick Line Delays UPDATE #1

Due to a disabled freight train train 890 is terminated at Monocacy station. train 892 is cancelled. Train 876 will make additional stops at Dickerson and Boyds.Metro to honor tickets. Also Commuter bus No. 991 will be available.

Brunswick Line Delays

Current Train status- Train 870 operating  15 to 20 minutes late. Train 890 is stopped due to a disabled freight train. METRO will honor tickets. Train 872 5:00 am Martinsburg departure will operate ahead of train 890 and make additional stops. Updates will follow.

MARC 870 is operating 12 to 15 minutes late

Due to flash flood warnings train 870 is currently operating 12 to 15 minutes late.

Update: Penn Line Trains 453 and 452 will be late

Update 4: Train 452 has departed Washington 82 minutes late. 


Update 3: Train 452 continues to hold in Washington; there are further mechanical problems with the train.  It is now estimated that Train 452 will depart Washington at about 11:45pm after Train 453 arrives.  We sincerely regret this significant delay and thank you for your patience.


Update 2: The train is still in Washington, currently 25 minutes late, should leave in next 5-10 minutes.



MARC 448 operating 75 minutes late.

MARC 448 operating 75 minutes late in the New Carrollton area.

MARC 548 expected to depart Union Station 10-15 minutes late.

MARC 548 expected to depart Union Station 10-15 minutes late due to late equipment.

Penn Line updates: delayed/cancelled trains

Current Penn Line train status (7:55pm):

Train 544 (6:23p departure from Union Station), approaching Penn Station 48 minutes late.

Train 448 (7:40pm departure) will now depart 40-45 minutes late due to the late operation of...

Train 449 (6:25pm departure from Penn Station) is approaching New Carrollton 60 minutes late and will incur additional delay due to a disabled Amtrak train ahead.

Train 451 (7:35pm departure from Penn Station) is approaching BWI 12-15 minutes late due to severe congestion at Penn Station.

Camden & Brunswick Line significant delays

CSX Transportation has issued flash flood-related speed restrictions on the Camden and Brunswick Lines this afternoon. Trains will travel at significantly reduced speed so that the engineer can stop the train in case a track washout is discovered. Delays of 20-35 minutes are likely.

Given the forecast for continued heavy rains overnight and tomorrow, Camden and Brunswick Line passengers should expect similar delays tomorrow morning and afternoon.

Aberdeen & Edgewood Commuter Appreciation Days

The Harford County Department of Community Services along with the Commuter Assistance Rideshare division is hosting "Commuter Appreciation Days" at Harford County MARC stations. Representatives from MARC and Harford County will be present to offer light refreshments and solicit feedback from customers.These events will take place as follows:

  • Aberdeen: Thursday, May 1, 4:30am - 7:30am
  • Edgewood: Wednesday, May 7, 4:30am - 7:30am

For full information, visit Harford County's Commuter Website.

Update: Bowie State Tunnel restored

The pedestrian tunnel at Bowie State station has been pumped of flooding water and the lighting has been restored.  Some standing water remains; please exercise caution when using the tunnel this evening and do not run.

Thank you for riding MARC Train Service

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