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Lost and Found

Please enter the Line number and/or description of the item you lost to search through current items that we have found. If you do not find your missing item here, please contact the Lost and Found at 410-333-2387.

Misplaced items may be claimed at the appropriate MTA facility Monday – Friday 9:00am-8:00pm or Saturday – Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm.

If you have misplaced any medications please immediately notify an MTA personnel member at 410-333-2387.

NOTE: Lost items are held for 30 days. When searching for lost items on the Metro Subway or Light Rail, please use Train "100" for Metro Subway, and Train "200" for the Light Rail.

Lost and Found Division Phone Directory

Lost and Found (Bus) (Eastern Division) 410-454-7677
Lost and Found (Bus) (Kirk Division) 410-454-7560
Lost and Found (Bus) (Northwest Division) 410-454-7428
Lost and Found (Bus)(Bush Division) 410-454-7160
Lost and Found (Light Rail) 410-454-7628
Lost and Found (Metro) 410-454-7398

MARC Lost and Found. There are two MARC Lost and Found locations. The vast majority of lost items are kept in Washington, including all lost tickets. Please call the appropriate Lost and Found office directly to inquire if a lost item has been turned into the office:

Lost and Found for Camden and Brunswick Lines Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, 410-525-1495 (voicemail available)

Lost and Found Baltimore Penn Station Monday – Friday 7:30am-6pm, 410-291-4267

Lost and Found Washington, DC – Union Station Sunday – Saturday 9am-5pm, 202-906-3109.

Report Datesort icon Division Line/Train # Tag # Article
9/22/2016 BUSH 64 1137 Wallet w/ ID for K. Carter
9/22/2016 BUSH 14 1138 Key
9/22/2016 BUSH 1139 Blue Backpack
9/22/2016 BUSH 36 1140 Verizon Phone
9/22/2016 BUSH 77 1141 Yellow Wallet
9/22/2016 BUSH 35 1142 Key
9/22/2016 BUSH 40 1143 Blue Organizer
9/22/2016 NORTHWEST 44 630 Blue & Black Cell Phone
9/22/2016 NORTHWEST 97 631 Baby Bag
9/22/2016 LIGHT RAIL 200 380 Black Backpack w/ Clothes


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