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MARC Frequently Asked Questions

How much baggage can I carry onto a MARC Train?
Only items which can be safely and easily carried by the passenger may be brought on the train. There is no checked baggage on MARC Trains.

What if I lose an item on the MARC Train? 
If you traveled on a Penn Line train, please contact Penn Station at 410-291-4267 or Washington Union Station at 202-906-3109.  

If you traveled on a Camden or Brunswick Line train, please contact Washington, Union Station at 202-906-3109.

Any MARC Train tickets that are found are turned in to the MARC Customer Service desk located at Gate B in Washington, Union Station.  Please contact the MARC Customer Service desk at 202-906-3035 for lost tickets only.

Are bicycles permitted on the train?
Due to safety concerns, MARC's bicycle policy allows for the transportation of folding bicycles only.  There are no designated storage areas for bikes, and they are prohibited from being stored in the overhead racks.  However, folding bikes are no longer restricted to those carried in a case. Lockers for bikes are also available at many stations.  Call 410-767-8349 for details.

Can I bring my pet on the train with me? 
Only small pets confined in closed carriers are permitted on MARC Trains.  Service animals accompanying passengers with disabilities are welcome aboard.

What is a Quiet Car? Are there specific rules on the Quiet Car?
Trains that have a Quiet Car are marked with a "Q" at the top of the printed schedules. Passengers in the Quiet Car, located next to the locomotive, must not use cell phones and must keep all audio devices, such as laptops, PDA's and pagers turned off or in a silent mode. Passengers may speak, but only in low whispers. Quiet Car is a registered service mark of Amtrak.

Does my child pay a reduced fare if he/she travels with me?
Two children under the age of six ride for free with a full fare paying adult.  Any additional children must pay the full regular fare.  If the adult receives a discounted fare such as Senior/Disability or Student Advantage, all children must pay the full regular fare.  Children under eight years of age may not travel unless accompanied by a parent or guardian (16 years of age or older).

Do I need to make a reservation before boarding a MARC Train?  
Seats are not reserved on the MARC Train.  There are several ticket options available. Visit MARC Ticket Information for details on how to purchase tickets.

How do I sign-up for email notices and/or text messages about MARC service or delays? 
Sign up for MARC email and/or text message alerts here.  You can customize the alerts to be sent to your computer or phone, as well as which line(s) and stations you ride to and from.

What happens if I lose/damage my ticket? Is my MARC ticket refundable? 
Lost, damaged, or stolen tickets are no-refundable and irreplaceable.  One-way tickets are non-refundable. Weekly tickets are refundable if returned no later than 11:59 pm the Friday prior to the effective week. Unused monthly tickets are refundable, based on calendar days, as follows:

  • Prior to effective month: 100%
  • Days 1 - 5: 75%
  • Days 6 - 10: 50%

Any other questions about refunds should be directed to 410-767-3999 or 410-539-3497(TTY).

What if I have a problem at one of the AMTRAK Self Service Ticket (SST) kiosks located at select MARC stations?
If you do not receive your ticket, it is an incorrect ticket, you do not receive the correct number of tickets, or any other ticket machine issue you must contact AMTRAK at 1.800.872.7245 and ask for the Refunds Department. MTA cannot issue refunds or issue tickets from ticket machine purchases. 

What forms of payment are accepted on MARC Trains?
Only cash is accepted on the train and bills larger than $20 are not accepted for single fares.  There is a $3 surcharge for tickets purchased on board the train at stations with either a ticket agent or a ticket machine.

What are heat restrictions? 
Whenever temperatures are forecast to reach near 90 degrees or in the event that temperatures have increased by 30 degrees, CSX will impose "Heat Restrictions" after 1:00pm. All Brunswick & Camden MARC trains will operate 20 miles per hour under the normal maximum authorized speed but not less than 40 miles per hour. Generally, speed restrictions are imposed on the Penn Line when the temperatures are forecast to reach 90-95 degrees. Delays can range from 10-15 minutes.

Where can I find additional resource information for MARC Riders?
We provide a MARC Riders Resource Guide that not only gives you contact information and a summary of the MARC services, but also outlines delay/cancellation policy and where you can find real time updates.

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