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MARC Transit Link Card (TLC)

What is MARC TLC?

  • Allows unlimited monthly use of MARC as well as the Washington Metrorail System (WMATA) including weekend travel.  MARC Train operates Monday through Friday only.
  • Valid for the base fare on WMATA's Metrobuses in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Northern Virginia.
  • As with any MARC Train monthly ticket, you can use your TLC to ride Montgomery County RIDE ON buses and Maryland MTA Local Buses, Light Rail, Metro Subway, and Neighborhood Shuttles.

How do I get a MARC TLC?

  • MARC TLC tickets are offered through WMATA and may be purchased from Commuter Direct, a ticket by mail service.
  • Commuters who purchase their MARC TLC from Commuter Direct AND their travel originates from BWI MARC Station are eligible for free parking at the station.  Click here for more information about this service.
  • Please be advised that lost, stolen, or damaged TLC passes will NOT be refunded or replaced by the MTA.  Contact Commuter Direct at 703-228-RIDE (7433) for information concerning return/refund policies.
  • TLC can also be purchased at one of the Commuter Stores in Virginia.

If your MARC TLC ticket becomes demagnetized, ONLY WMATA can provide you with a substitute pass.  These passes are ONLY available at Metro Center and the Pentagon Metro sales office. Please call for more information.

Metro Center
607 13th Street, N.W., Washington D.C. 20005

2 South Rotary Road, Arlington, VA 22202

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