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MARC Train Weekend Service



Great news, MARC now offers  weekend service on the Penn Line! Complete schedules are available below.  The fares will be the same as weekday service ($8 Baltimore-Washington, $7 BWI-Washington, $6, Odenton-Washington) and weekly and monthly passes will be honored. 

Please go to our MARC Home Page to download the weekend timetable.

Take advantage of this new service to bring your family for a fun day trip to Washington or Baltimore!  Visit the museums and other sites in our Nation's Capitol, such as the National Zoo, Smithsonian, White House, and Arlington Cemetery. Baltimore bound passengers can enjoy the Inner Harbor, National Aquarium, and Fort McHenry.

FAQ's: Here are some frequently asked questions about the new MARC Penn Line weekend service.
How many trips will operate on the weekend?
There will be 9 round trips on Saturday and 6 on Sunday.
Will there be weekend service on the Camden Line?
No.  Camden Line passengers are welcome to use the new Penn Line service.  One-way, weekly and monthly tickets on the Camden Line are always honored on the Penn Line (weekdays and weekends).
Will there be weekend service on the Brunswick Line?
No.  Brunswick Line passengers are reminded of the MTA Commuter Bus 201, which provides 7-day a week, hourly service between Gaithersburg Park and Ride, Arundel Mills Mall, and BWI Marshall Airport and the Rail Station.
Can I use my MARC weekly or monthly pass that I use Monday through Friday for the new weekend service?
Yes!  You will need to purchase single ride tickets for anyone in your party that does not have a MARC pass. Weekly tickets are good for unlimited use beginning on the Saturday of the designated week until midnight of the following Friday.

Will select Amtrak trains still honor MARC weekly and monthly tickets on the weekend?
No.  MARC tickets will no longer be honored on Amtrak weekend trains.  Funds used to pay Amtrak for this privilege have been shifted to pay to operate the weekend service. 

Will parking still be free at MARC stations?
Of course!  All MARC Penn Line stations, with the exception of Amtrak's Penn Station, BWI, New Carrollton and Union Station feature free parking.

Can I use my CharmCard® on the DC Metro?
Yes! You can use the CharmCard® on the DC Metro, however you can not use your CharmCard® to pay for MARC Tickets.

 For more information on MARC service, please visit the MARC Home Page.


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