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BALTIMORE, MD (JULY 1, 2011) The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) has announced plans to implement proposed service adjustments to several local bus routes starting on July 3, 2011.  The affected routes and buses are: #1, #12, #15, #19, #27, #29, #35, #44, #47, #51, #52, #57, #58, #60, #61, #77, #97, and #99.

Route No. 1 Sinai Hospital/Mondawmin to Fort McHenry

PDF Version | Route No. 1 map

MTA will not implement the extension of the No. 3 to North Point Plaza Mall via Joppa Road at this time. The agency has listened to the concerns expressed during the public comment period, and has decided to withdraw this particular proposal.

Route No. 12 Stella Maris / Greenmount Avenue and North Avenue
PDF Version | Route No. 12 map

Route No. 15 Security Square Mall – Walbrook Junction – Overlea
PDF Version | Route No. 15 map

Route No. 19 Carney – State Center
PDF Version | Route No. 19 map

Route No. 27 Reisterstown Plaza Metro Subway Station – Port Covington
PDF Version | Route No. 27 map

Route No. 29 Cherry Hill Light Rail Stop
PDF Version | Route No. 29 map

Route No. 35 White Marsh - UMBC/Blind Industries
PDF Version | Route No. 35 map

Route No. 44 Security Square Mall – Social Security – Rosedale Industrial Park
PDF Version | Route No. 44 map

Route No. 47 Quick Bus Walbrook Junction - Overlea Loop
PDF Version | Route No. 47 map

Route No. 51 - Rogers Avenue Metro Subway Station / Monroe St./Cherry Hill/Patapsco
PDF Version | Route No. 51 map

Route No. 52 Milford Mill Road - Mondawmin Metro Subway Station
PDF Version | Route No. 52 map

Route No. 57 Rogers Avenue Metro Subway Station – Security Square Mall
PDF Version | Route No. 57 map

Route No. 58 Reisterstown Plaza Metro Subway Station – Overlea – White Marsh
PDF Version | Route No. 58 map

Route No. 60 Stevenson University (Villa Julie College) / Reisterstown Plaza
PDF Version | Route No. 60 map

Route No. 61 – Inner Harbor to Mt. Washington
PDF Version | Route No. 61 map

Route No. 97 Mondawmin Shuttle
PDF Version | Route No. 97 map

New Route No. 99 Old Court Metro Subway Station – BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport
PDF Version | Route No. 99 map

Route No. 77 - Old Court Metro Subway Stop/UMBC/Patapsco Light Rail Stop
PDF Version | Route No. 77 mapThere are no products in your shopping cart.

For general information on MTA service, visit the MTA website at Customers can also call the MTA Transit Information Center Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 410-539-5000 (TTY 410-539-3497) or 866-RIDE-MTA. To sign-up to receive email about service modifications and delays, go to and click “Email Notification.”                                                        


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