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New MTA MARC Penn Line Schedule Begins Monday, March 14th with Added Trains

The Maryland Transit Administration has announced that the revised schedule for MARC Penn Line Service will start Monday, March 14, 2011. Penn Line service will increase to eight train sets, providing approximately 1,000 additional seats during the morning and evening rush hours. The new schedule is being implemented in an effort to reduce overcrowded conditions and improve on-time performance.

With ridership at high volume and continuing to increase on MARC Train service, the new schedule is based on a review of MARC train scheduling and passenger loads and in conjunction with AMTRAK. While the new schedule was developed to be similar to the previous one in an effort to minimize the level of disruption to the preferences of current customers, passengers are urged to consult the new schedule for its potential impact on their daily commute. For example, the morning train to Perryville will depart Washington D.C. earlier in order to arrive in Edgewood and Aberdeen by 7:45 am. In addition, a newly scheduled train (#579) will depart Perryville at 6:25 pm, making stops at Aberdeen (6:33 pm), Edgewood) 6:42 pm), Martin State Airport (6:52 pm) and Baltimore’s Penn Station (7:08 pm).

Service enhancements contained in the new schedule include the following:

Two additional southbound trains in the morning and evening rush hours

    • Two additional northbound trains in the morning and evening rush hours
    • Seven additional frequencies to and from BWI Marshall Airport
    • Increased frequencies to all stations between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
    • Reduced time between trains during rush hours between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
    • A limited-stop train to Odenton during evening rush hours to help passengers get home faster

In order to offer more frequent service without additional capital investment, rush hour Penn Line trains that had consisted of six, eight or nine cars are being reduced to six or seven cars maximum. The shorter yet more frequent trains are intended to provide passengers with additional travel options. This new approach will also simultaneously reduce the load on MARC locomotives, with the intention of increasing their longevity and minimizing the need for more frequent repairs.

Neither the Brunswick nor Camden Line schedules are affected by the additional Penn Line trains. Schedule enhancements are currently being discussed with CSX Transportation, with a target implementation date in the summer of 2011.

Comprehensive information – including the new schedule, frequently asked questions and a detailed synopsis of schedule changes – is available at under the “Special Announcements” section subtitled “New Penn Line Schedule.” To sign up for e-notifications regarding MARC train service, visit

For general information on MTA service, visit the MTA website at Customers can also call the MTA Transit Information Center Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 11 PM at 410-539-5000 (TTY 410-539-3497) or 866-RIDE-MTA. To sign-up to receive email about service modifications and delays, go to and click “Email Notification.”


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