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S-Pass MTA Student Transit Pass


MTA Student Transit S-Pass

Using your MTA Student Transit S-Pass is easy! Just slide it through the farebox on any MTA Local Bus, insert it in the Metro Subway faregate or present it to a Light Rail Fare Inspector when requested, when you’re on your way to or from school. MTA Student S-Pass is only available to students of Baltimore City Schools.

When Riding MTA don't forget to RIDE, RESPECT & RELAX take the pledge below!

How to use your S-Pass

  • Only use your MTA Student Transit S-Pass weekdays between 5 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Protect your S-Pass just like you would with cash. It’s valuable!
  • Be careful not to bend or damage your pass. Only YOU can use your MTA Student Transit S-Pass. Don’t give or lend it to anyone.
  • Contact your school principal’s office if your S-Pass is lost or damaged.
  • Remember, always have your school identification available to show when requested by an MTA official.

With S-Pass, you're on your way - quickly, easily and more conveniently than ever. 

Download the S-Pass Brochure!

Ride, Respect & Relax

You have the power to make a positive difference in your community. Just remember that when you RIDE MTA, RESPECT everyone around you and RELAX to get there quickly, safely and enjoyably.

Take the MTA Pledge to RIDE, RESPECT and RELAX:

  • To honor your family, school, peers and community by showing leadership in word, deed and attitude.
  • To be careful when walking to a bus stop, be ready to board the bus before the bus arrives, and stay out of the street while waiting to board the school bus.
  • To present your fare or pass before riding.
  • To board the bus in a safe, calm and orderly manner, to move safely to your seat, and to keep entrances and exits clear.
  • To remember that the driver is in complete charge of the bus and students must respect his/her directions.
  • To talk in a normal manner without name-calling or loud, profane, or obscene language.
  • To not extend any part of your body through the bus windows, and to always consider your safety and that of others around you.
  • To not eat, drink, smoke, and play radios or tape recorders, or other music devices without headphones while in or on board MTA vehicles and facilities.
  • To respectfully discourage others who may engage in negative activity because you recognize this issue alone can jeopardize your safety and the safety of others.
  • To Ride, Respect and Relax.


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