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Change in Route and Layover for the LL- 53 Line

Effective immediately, and continuing until further notice, the layover location and
route will change for the LL-53 to and from the North Avenue Light Rail Station.  The
first loop along McMechen Street, normally used by the LL-53 Line will no longer be
available to MTA buses.

The LL-53 line will use the following route to access the temporary loop and layover
area located near the Light Rail Maintenance of Way (MOW) parking lot.  The route and
instructions will be as follows:

LocalLink–53 Line
Via the regular route on McMechen Street to the North Avenue Light Rail loop (after alighting all passengers), then:
Straight on McMechen Street toward the Light Rail Maintenance Facility entrance, and proceed slowly toward gate until the it opens.  Enter gate and move to the left (close to wall) and make a clockwise circular loop (Please see diagram)

Northbound: From the temporary layover area, then:
Move forward slowly to exit the LR-MOW parking lot, and proceed once exit gate has opened, then continue on McMechen Street to North Avenue, then via the regular route.

*Passenger Stop Instructions
Operators of the LL-53 Line will board passengers at the following bus stop until further notice:

Line Stop ID Temporary Bus Stop Location
LL-53 2629 North Avenue & North Avenue Light Rail Station opp eb
      (across from Light Rail Station)

Your cooperation in this matter is expected and appreciated.

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 16:00
Expire Date: 
Monday, January 1, 2018 - 12:00
Site Section: 
Governor's Office

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