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CharmPass is the official mobile ticketing app for MDOT MTA. For the first time ever, you can pay for BaltimoreLink local buses (CityLink, LocalLink, and Express BusLink), Light RailLink, Metro SubwayLink, MARC Train, and Commuter Bus services directly from your smartphone. CharmPass is free to download for Apple and Android devices. Download today!

90-Minute FREE Transfer Window for Core Service

When you purchase a one-way fare for BaltimoreLink local buses, Metro SubwayLink, and Light RailLink, your fare is automatically valid for 90 minutes. That's 90 minutes of FREE transfers across all MDOT MTA core services. Riders will be able to take a CityLink bus from Baltimore County to the Light RailLink downtown and onto BWI Airport for one low fare. They'll be able to take Metro SubwayLink to a station near the Inner Harbor and board the LocalLink 63 to the mammoth Tradepoint Atlantic complex in Sparrows Point. CharmPass better connects you and saves you money at the same time. It's a win-win!

Fares Offered

All fare products offered for MDOT MTA core services, together with MARC Train and Commuter Bus products, are available for purchase on the CharmPass app. Fare products are stored on your phone and are available for immediate use once purchased. These include-

BaltimoreLink Core Services
CityLink, LocalLink, Express BusLink buses, Light RailLink, and Metro Subway Link

  • One-Way
  • 1-Day Pass
  • 7-Day Pass
  • 31-Day Pass
  • Express 31-Day Pass
  • Express BusLink $0.50 10-pack

MARC Train
Penn Line, Camden Line, and Brunswick Line

  • One-Way
  • 5-Day
  • 7-Day
  • 31-Day

Commuter Bus
All Commuter Bus Lines

  • One-Way
  • 31-Day
Reduced Fare/Special Fare Programs

Riders who require or are eligible for a senior, disability, or other reduced fare will be able to utilize their reduced fare ID in the CharmPass app to purchase applicable reduced fare products. Click here for more information on how to get access to your reduced fare on the CharmPass app.

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