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BWI to Washington National or Dulles Airports

Its the words every flyer dreads to hear: "Your flight is cancelled".  The good thing for flyers from BWI Thurgood Marshall International Airport is that there are two other airports in the Washington region that may be able to reaccomodate you.  But how do you get from BWI to Washington National or Washington Dulles airport?  Ride MARC and Washington Metro!

BWI to Washington National: estimated travel time: 1 1/2 hours

If your airline gives you an option, you should take National Airport--it is much quicker and easier to get to. 

  • Board a MARC Penn Line train and ride to Union Station
  • Transfer to Washington Metrorail.  Enter Union Station, turn right when you enter the first set of doors, and walk down the hallway and go down the escalator or elevator
  • Purchase a farecard from the vending machines to National Airport.  Consult the fare chart for proper fare (depends on time of day)
  • Board a Red Line train on the right track which will be marked "Shady Grove" or "Grosvenor"
  • Ride two stops to Gallery Place-Chinatown
  • Walk to the rear of the train and go downstairs
  • Board a Yellow Line (NOT Green Line) train on the right track, which will be marked "Huntington"
  • Ride six stops to National Airport
  • Follow the signs on the platform to exit at the appropriate end of the Metro platform for your airline

BWI to Washington Dulles Airport (approximate travel time 2 1/2 - 3 hours)

  • Board a MARC Penn Line train and ride to New Carrollton
  • Go down the escalator or elevator and turn left.  Walk about 100 yards to the Metro entrance.  Enter the Metro station and purchase a farecard from the vending machines to Rosslyn.  Consult the fare chart for proper fare (depends on time of day).
  • Ride the Orange Line to Rosslyn (17 stops).  Exit the Metro station and once you leave the faregates, turn left and walk to the last bus waiting shelter
  • Board the Washington Metrobus 5A bus to Dulles.  The fare is $6, cash and exact change only, unless you have a WMATA SmartCard.
  • The bus makes two stops at Dulles; listen for the driver to announce your airline.
  • If you are on MARC Train #453 (9:20pm departure from BWI), you may miss the last 5A bus.  If this is the case, re-board the Orange Line and ride to the end of the line in Vienna, VA.  You will save about $25 in cab fare.

Happy flying!


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