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MARC Train - Limited service Tuesday Jan. 26

The MARC Train Service, in consultation and cooperation with our operating partners at Amtrak, CSX Transportation, and Bombardier, will operate very limited service on Tuesday, January 26, as outlined below.  Please note that while progress has been made clearing station parking lots of snow, parking is limited due to the necessity of piling snow in some areas.  We are working as quickly as possible to remove excess snow.

Penn Line – Will operate on the “S” schedule.  However, the following trains WILL NOT operate:

  • Train 401 (4:25am departure from Penn Station)
  • Train 505 (4:40am departure from Perryville/5:24am departure from Penn Station)
  • Train 400 (5:50am departure from Union Station)
  • Train 404 (6:35am departure from Union Station)
  • Train 446 (6:40pm departure from Union Station).

The first southbound departure from Penn Station in the morning will be Train 407 at 5:50am.  In the afternoon, Train 544 (6:23pm departure from Union Station) will hold 17 minutes at Union Station to depart on Train 446’s schedule. It will make all stops to Perryville.

Brunswick Line – The following trains are the only trains that will operate. All trains will make all stops. There is no service—bus or rail—to West Virginia and Frederick branch stations:

  • Train 876 (6:40am departure from Brunswick)
  • Train 880 (7:45am departure from Brunswick)
  • Train 877 (4:55pm departure from Union Station)
  • Train 881 (6:20pm departure from Union Station). This train will terminate in Brunswick.

Camden Line – The following trains are the only trains that will operate. All trains will make all stops, except Greenbelt where service is suspended until further notice:

  • Train 849 (7:10am departure from Camden Yards)
  • Train 856 (5:53pm departure from Union Station)

Staff have been out since Sunday morning clearing station platforms and parking lots.  We strongly encourage all MARC passengers to adhere to the following guidelines for using our service during winter weather events:

  • Wear appropriate footwear with good tread--men's dress shoes and women's heels are strongly discouraged.
  • Add at least 20 extra minutes to your drive from home to the station--roads will be icy/slick.
  • Drive slowly in your station's parking lot.
  • WALK DO NOT RUN from your car to your train.
  • Take extra care boarding and detraining, especially on low-level platforms.

Thank you for riding the MARC Train Service and please be careful.

Publish Date: 
Monday, January 25, 2016 - 18:05
Expire Date: 
Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - 20:30
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