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MARC Train

MARC Train service - Friday, May 25

In anticipation of customers leaving work earlier than usual on Friday, May 25:

Full Brunswick Line service restored Monday afternoon

MARC Train is pleased to announce that full Brunswick Line service will be restored this afternoon. All trains will operate, including Trains 873 and 877, which were listed as cancelled in yesterday’s message. In addition, Train 883 will operate through to Brunswick station with EPTA connecting bus service to West Virginia as normally scheduled.

The Brunswick Line will operate a full, regular schedule tomorrow.

MARC Bike Car on Bike to Work Day - June 1

National Bike to Work Day activities at MARC Train have been rescheduled to Friday, June 1.  The MARC Bike Car, which normally operates on weekends only, will be operated on select Penn Line trains and one Brunswick Line round trip.  On the trains below only, passengers will be permitted to bring full-size, non-collapsable bicycles on board the train.

The Bike Car will be the car closest to the locomotive on all trains listed below.  For trains that operate with a Quiet Commute car, this car will be the second car behind the locomotive on Friday only.

BWI Rail Station: Lane closures and short term parking changes

MDOT MTA is undertaking a $5.3 million project to completely renovate the BWI Marshall Airport Rail Station waiting room.  This project will begin in earnest in August (when the current waiting room will close). The first stage of work begins tomorrow in preparation for the temporary waiting room.

Workers will block of some of the temporary "kiss and ride" parking in front of the two parking garages as well as close one lane of traffic on the driveway.  Customers are encouraged to turn right when exiting either garage in order to avoid the area in front of the station.

A message to Penn Line customers regarding Tuesday's service disruption

A Message to Penn Line passengers regarding Tuesday's service disruption:

We regret the inconveniences that Penn Line passengers experienced on Tuesday. While this disruption occurred during the off-peak hours, the impact spread into the evening rush hour, especially for passengers traveling from Baltimore to Washington in the afternoon and those planning to ride Train 438 (the 5:20 BWI Express).

MARC Penn Line Delays Monday evening

We apologize for the major delays that our customers experienced on the Penn Line Monday evening. We know that this disruption caused significant inconvenience and that while the incident itself was out of our control, there were things that we could have done better to respond to the incident. MARC Train management met with Amtrak and Bombardier management today to review how the situation was handled and ways we can do things better in the next major disruption.

Update: MARC Penn Line Tuesday morning - regular service

2:00am Update: 

Amtrak has confirmed to MARC Train that all Penn Line trains will operate as scheduled Tuesday morning.  Some trains may operate with fewer railcars due to Monday evening's service disruption.  If trains become overcrowded, boarding will be stoped when the trains reach a safe capacity.  We appreciate your patience and understanding given the natured of Monday's service disruption.

Thank you for riding MARC Train.


Penn Line schedule change: April 23

There will be a Penn Line schedule change effective Monday, April 23. Weekend schedules will not change. The weekday changes taking effect are:


Amtrak cancellations of MARC Cross-Honoring trains

For passengers at Perryville, Aberdeen, and Edgewood: Amtrak has notified MARC Train that Amtrak train 151 (6:53am departure from Perryville for MARC weekly and monthly ticket holders) is cancelled tomorrow, March 8. Amtrak Train 188 (7:10pm departure from Washington to Aberdeen) is also cancelled today and tomorow, March 7 and 8. Delays or additional cancellations for other Amtrak trains are possible given the more severe weather encountered in the Philadelphia-New York region.

All MARC Trains are scheduled to operate as usual.

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