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Follow up to Tuesday night's service disruption in West Virginia

We regret any inconvenience Brunswick Line passengers traveling to West Virginia experienced last night due to the termination of Trains 875, 879 and 881 and resulting lengthy delays.  Around 6:30pm, a CSX freight train stopped between Harpers Ferry and Duffields with a mechanical problem. This would have ordinarily caused a 25-30 minute delay while the freight train’s conductor inspected the train and reconnected air hoses. However, as he walked the train the conductor found additional problems, as well as a track defect. Amtrak train 29 was stopped behind the disabled freight train, then MARC 875 stopped behind Amtrak 29, and another CSX freight stopped behind MARC 875, effectively trapping 875 between the two trains with no way to change tracks.

When the seriousness of the problem with the freight train and tracks became clear, MARC worked with EPTA to arrange for the shuttle buses to go to the scene of Train 875 and transport passengers to Duffields and Martinsburg. Trains 879 and 881 were held at Brunswick, where passengers were able to detrain and either arrange alternate transportation or wait for the EPTA buses to transport them to West Virginia.

MARC Train thanks EPTA for their assistance last night and for the open, honest communication from CSX which allowed us to make a decision sooner rather than later to secure buses.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 16:15
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Friday, June 15, 2018 - 22:15
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Governor's Office

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