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MARC Bike Car on Bike to Work Day - June 1

National Bike to Work Day activities at MARC Train have been rescheduled to Friday, June 1.  The MARC Bike Car, which normally operates on weekends only, will be on select Penn Line trains and one Brunswick Line round trip.  On the trains below only, passengers will be permitted to bring full-size, non-collapsible bicycles on board the train.

The Bike Car will be the car closest to the locomotive on all trains listed below.  For trains that operate with a Quiet Commute car, this car will be the second car behind the locomotive on Friday only.

Full information can be found on MTA's Bike to Work Day page.

Penn Line Southbound:

  511 413 429 435 641
Martin Airport 6:05a       3:53p
Baltimore Penn 6:30a 6:45a 11:35a 2:35p 4:23p
West Balt. 6:39a 6:53a 11:41a 2:41p ---
Halethorpe 6:46a 7:00a 11:47a 2:47p ---
BWI Airport 6:54a 7:08a 11:55a 2:55p 4:38p
Odenton 7:02a 7:16a 12:03p 3:03p 4:46p
Bowie State 7:09a 7:23a 12:09p 3:09p 4:52p
Seabrook 7:17a 7:31a 12:16p 3:16p ---
New Carrollton 7:21a 7:35a 12:20p 3:20p 5:01p
Union Station 7:36a 7:50a 12:36p 3:35p 5:16p


Penn Line Northbound

  610 414 422 634 642
Union Station 8:00a 9:30a 1:20p 4:40p 5:50p
New Carrollton 8:12a 9:41a 1:31p 4:51p 6:02p
Seabrook 8:17a 9:45a 1:35p 4:55p 6:07p
Bowie State 8:23a 9:51a 1:41p 5:05p 6:19p
Odenton 8:32a 9:57a 1:47p 5:13p 6:26p
BWI Airport 8:40a 10:05a 1:55p 5:22p 6:35p
Halethorpe 8:44a 10:10a 2:00p 5:27p 6:41p
West Balt. 8:51a 10:16a 2:06p 5:34p 6:50p
Baltimore Penn 9:02a 10:34a 2:24p 5:47p 7:01p
Martin Airport 9:27a     6:14p 7:26p

Brunswick Line (AM read down, PM read up)

  894 893
Frederick 7:10a 6:59p
Monocacy 7:16a 6:49p
Germantown 7:51a 6:05p
Metropolitan Grove 7:57a 5:58p
Gaithersburg 8:04a 5:55p
Rockville 8:12a 5:49p
Kensington 8:21a 5:40p
Silver Spring 8:32a 5:34p
Union Station 8:52a 5:20p

Thank you for riding MARC Train.

Publish Date: 
Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 14:15
Expire Date: 
Friday, June 1, 2018 - 19:00
Site Section: 
Governor's Office

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