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BaltimoreLink is here and the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA) and Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS) want to ensure that all students know their route to school, how to use the resource tools that have been developed to find their route, and the status of fare pass riding privileges.

Below you will find information on events that MDOT MTA is participating in along with schedules related to supplemental service.

Student Rider Guide

Whether you are going to class, an afterschool activity, or to hang out with friends, MDOT MTA's CityLink, LocalLink, and Express BusLink buses, Metro SubwayLink, and Light RailLink are all great options to reach your destination! This brochure will help you figure out which routes serve your school and how to use BaltimoreLink, our region's transit system, to get where you need to go.  All Baltimore City Public Schools are covered in this guide, telling you what the nearest bus route may be and what schools are accessible via supplemental service (more information below).

Click here for the Student Rider Guide PDF

Student Outreach Report

An integral component of the outreach conducted by MDOT MTA since the announcement of BaltimoreLink has been the engagement of Baltimore City's youth and student riders. Overall, the commencement of the 2017-2018 school year has been approached as the 'second launch' of BaltimoreLink, and the outreach efforts to youth and students are detailed in the following report.​

Back To School Events

MDOT MTA is participating in the following back to school events to educate students and parents on supplemental service:

  • Maryland State Fair; August 24 – September 4
  • Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition in collaboration with MDOT MTA BaltimoreLink Orientation – Frederick Douglass High School; August 31

Supplemental Service Schedules

Supplemental service augments regularly-scheduled service on routes that see high passenger volumes during peak periods. It does not operate on weekends or vacations when school is not in session. Supplemental service is always open to the general public. Regular fares and policies apply.

Supplemental Service Map for Baltimore City Public Schools

The following schools in that area will be served by this supplemental route... look for these route numbers and destinations when traveling to school: See this brochure for more information:

Forest Park High School

LM, 31, 83, 85
to Fallstaff
S1 - Fallstaff

Roland Park Middle School

30, 31, 94, 95
to Roland Park
S2 - Roland Park

Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys

Banneker Blake Academy

Lillie May Carroll Jackson School

RD, 53
to Kenilworth Park
Kenilworth Park
S3 - Kenilworth Park

Achievement Academy

Friendship Academy

Reginald Lewis High School

RD, SV, 30, 53, 54
to Wellesley
S4 - Wellesley

City Neighbors High School

BR, 54
to Waltherson
S5 - Waltherson

KIPP Harmony Academy

31, 91
to Greenspring
S6 - Grenespring

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Western High School

22, 28, 30, 33, 38, 94
to Medfield
S7 - Medfield

Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School (MERVO)

GR, 22, 53, 54
to Ednor Gardens
Ednor Gardens
S8 - Ednor Gardens

ACCE Academy

Reach Partnership School

Vanguard Collegiate Middle School

BR, 22, 54
to Clifton Park or Moravia
Clifton Park/Moravia
S9 - Clifton Park/Moravia

KASA Middle/High School

PR, 80
to Walbrook Junction
Walbrook Junction
S10 - Walbrook Junction

Connexions School for the Arts

Bard Early College High School

GD, LM, 26
to Hanlon Park
Hanlon Park
S11 - Hanlon Park

Coppin Academy

Frederick Douglass High School

GD, 29
to Coppin Heights
Coppin Heights
S12 - Coppin Heights

Baltimore City College
Stadium School

SV, 22, 53
to Coldstream Homestead Montebello
Coldstream, Homestead, Montebello
S13 - Coldstream, Homestead,

Carver Vocational-Technical
High School

Calverton Middle School

GD, 26, 82, 85
to Easterwood
S14 - Easterwood

Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts

Edmondson Westside High School

OR, BL, PR, 78
to Edmondson Village or Harlem Park
Edmondson Village/Harlem Park
S15 - Edmondson Village/
Harlem Park

Green Street Academy

BL, PR, 29
to St. Josephs
St. Josephs
S16 - St. Josephs

Digital Harbor High School

Francis Scott Key Middle School

BR, OR, BL, SV, 71, 94
to Federal Hill
Federal Hill
S17 - Federal Hill

Patterson High School

OR, NV, 21, 22, 59
to Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee
S18 - Joseph Lee
Governor's Office

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