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Baltimore’s New Dance Craze: The Shuttle Bus Shuffle

Have you heard about the new dance craze that will be sweeping Baltimore for the next month or so? It’s called the “Shuttle Bus Shuffle.”

And while it might not help you break in the new shoes you just purchased, it will help you navigate around the 24-day partial closing of MTA’s Metro Subway service.

Due to some urgently needed track repairs and upgrades for safety, the MTA is closing the Reisterstown Plaza, Rogers Avenue and West Cold Spring stations for three weeks. 

That's where the Shuttle Bus Shuffle comes in.

MTA will provide two shuttle bus bridges – a local and an express - linking the Metro Subway line from Milford Mill Station to Mondawmin Station. 

If you need to stop at any of the three closed stations, the local shuttle bus will serve those stations from either Milford Mill or Mondawmin. 

If you don’t need to stop at any of the three closed stations, the express shuttle bus will bypass the three closed stations and go directly from Milford Mill to Mondawmin. 

The MTA asks that travelers allow extra travel time during the partial shutdown of Metro Subway.

The “Shuttle Bus Shuffle” is a dance that the MTA prefer not having to do. But it's a small inconvenience when it comes to protecting the safety of MTA passengers and staff.