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Your guide to getting around when Metro Subway partially shuts down

The Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) is absolutely committed to providing safe, efficient and reliable transit with world-class customer service. As part of our commitment to safety, MTA will shut down Baltimore’s Metro Subway service from the Milford Mill to Mondawmin stations for 23 days – July 22 to August 14 – for necessary maintenance of major rail components.


Service will continue between the following stations: Owings Mills to Milford Mill and Mondawmin to Johns Hopkins Hospital. During the shutdown, there will be no train service to Reisterstown Plaza Station, Rogers Avenue Station and West Cold Spring Station.


Work will largely include reconstructing three interlockings – the rail component that allows trains to cross over from one track to another. During the shutdown, the MTA will utilize the time to perform additional rail replacement, track maintenance and station improvements. We have built into the 23-day schedule allowances for all contingencies.


By reconstructing the Metro Subway interlocking portal at the Reisterstown Plaza, Rogers Avenue and West Cold Spring stations and replacing the rails on this section of track, we will maintain the integrity of the system – allowing it to operate safely and at its full capacity – for many years to come. This necessary and critical rail work will further enhance service safety and reliability, and allow trains to move faster through this corridor of the Metro Subway track. Customers will have an enhanced experience as a result of this essential rail work.


In an effort to minimize the inconvenience, MTA will provide a “bus bridge” to shuttle customers between the Milford Mill and Mondawmin stations in two forms:


·     Express buses will transport rail riders from Milford Mill to Mondawmin in one direction and Mondawmin to Milford Mill in the other direction with no stops in between. These buses will serve those rail riders who must travel further along the rail service lines.


·     Local shuttle buses will stop at each of the closed stations along the construction zone to serve those rail riders needing to make regular stops within this zone.


The shuttle buses will have frequent service to handle the capacities anticipated based on daily ridership numbers. About 45,000 passengers travel daily on Metro Subway. The travel time for the shuttle bus service will be longer than it would be on the Metro rail service since the shuttle buses must travel along the city streets.


We have estimated that the travel time for the express bus to get from Milford Mill to Mondawmin to take 30 to 40 minutes. So, we advise our customers to plan ahead and give themselves sufficient time to get where they must go. Shuttle buses will operate during regular Metro service hours seven days a week during the shutdown.

Based on the amount of service needed – such as number of shuttle buses and drivers – the MTA has solicited this work out as a contract to better handle the capacity we will need. While we have estimated the amount of service needed in our contract, we are able to increase or decrease the frequency of service depending on the actual ridership to ensure the best service possible for our customers.