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Living the Transit Lifestyle

September 15, 2016
The Maryland Transit Administration has a long history of community involvement and striving to improve the neighborhoods it serves.   Our new Adopt-a-Stop initiative continues that tradition. The program, by which people and organizations take a hand in bus stop maintenance, has its roots in the Adopt-a-Shelter program that started in November 1990. (While the MTA designates appropriate areas for its bus stops, it does not own them, and must rely on our community's civic pride to help maintain the areas around them.)  Like the current effort, the Adopt-a-Shelter program encouraged local... more
September 9, 2016
It doesn’t take long for a person with drive and dedication to be recognized on the Maryland Transit Administration Police Force. Three-year MTA Police Force veteran Anthony Bossalina knows that personally. Bossalina was recently presented with the Officer of the Year award by MTA Police Chief John E. Gavrilis. MTA Administrator Paul Comfort was among those citing Bossalina for “bravery, diligence, selflessness and exhibiting all the finest attributes of a Maryland Transit Administration Police Force Officer.” The MTA is looking for the next Officer Bossalina to join the ranks of its police... more
September 7, 2016
Few workplace stories warm the heart like those of a youthful scrappy underling working his hardest and smartest every day in a big organization, gaining the reins of leadership of through talent, hard work and persistence. Sounds like a story fit for Hollywood tale, but it was story born at the Maryland Transit Administration’s Bush Bus Division in Baltimore when a one-time bus mechanic named Dave Varner rose through the ranks until he finally become Director of Bus Maintenance in 2008. Now Varner, a 25-year MTA veteran, is looking for a just-as-ambitious version of himself to come through... more
August 31, 2016
You might not know it, but Baltimore is home to a winning team of highly trained professionals and they’d like you to consider joining the squad. This invite isn’t from the Ravens or the Orioles. It’s from the Maryland Transit Administration Police Force, which is looking to fill openings in its award-winning department. Highly competitive pay, good benefits and the opportunity to bring meaningful change to their communities drives most of our MTA officers to this first-rate department. But that’s just the foundation. Working with the MTA Police Force provides the opportunity to experience... more
August 26, 2016
A look at the American League baseball standings tell any local baseball fan why they should consider themselves lucky to be in Baltimore this summer. Just four of the 15 teams in the American League currently sport a better record than our hometown Orioles sporting a 70-57 record. With the top five teams in the league being eligible for the playoffs, the chances are pretty good that some meaningful baseball games are going to be played at Camden Yards in the coming weeks. Chicago (White Sox) can’t claim that. Neither can Anaheim (Angels), Minnesota (Twins) nor Oakland (A’s). Right here in... more
August 15, 2016
#EVRecharging  Good news for electric vehicle enthusiasts! For MARC Train customers, there is now an Electric Vehicle Recharging Point at the Germantown and Point of Rocks stations on the Brunswick Line, and for Penn Line riders, there is one at Martin State Airport MARC Station. (Recharging points are already available for MARC Penn Line riders at West Baltimore, BWI Rail Station, Halethorpe and Odenton, as well as one at Penn Station that is managed by Baltimore City.) For Commuter Bus riders, there’s a new one at Belcamp Park and Ride, as well as the existing recharging points at Dunkirk... more
July 28, 2016
Lots of things are important when you move millions of people around the region on a public transit system. But nothing is more important than doing that job safely. That is why the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Transit Administration is rightly proud in winning a national award for safety and security for both its Light Rail and Metro Subway operations. When the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) gave its 2016 Gold Awards for Heavy Rail Security and Light Rail Safety to the MTA earlier this year, it was telling the MTA that is was doing a great job on job... more
July 22, 2016
Have you heard about the new dance craze that will be sweeping Baltimore for the next month or so? It’s called the “Shuttle Bus Shuffle.” And while it might not help you break in the new shoes you just purchased, it will help you navigate around the 24-day partial closing of MTA’s Metro Subway service. Due to some urgently needed track repairs and upgrades for safety, the MTA is closing the Reisterstown Plaza, Rogers Avenue and West Cold Spring stations for three weeks.  That's where the Shuttle Bus Shuffle comes in. MTA will provide two shuttle bus bridges – a local and an express - linking... more
July 13, 2016
The Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) is absolutely committed to providing safe, efficient and reliable transit with world-class customer service. As part of our commitment to safety, MTA will shut down Baltimore’s Metro Subway service from the Milford Mill to Mondawmin stations for 23 days – July 22 to August 14 – for necessary maintenance of major rail components.   Service will continue between the following stations: Owings Mills to Milford Mill and Mondawmin to Johns Hopkins Hospital. During the shutdown, there will be no train service to... more
June 30, 2016
The Maryland Transit Administration wants to hear from you – again – on how we did with the re-work of the BaltimoreLink plan to improve public transit.  You might recall that when the MTA, a business unit of the Maryland Department of Transportation, rolled out BaltimoreLink in October, we asked for your feedback on the plan.  And did Baltimore ever deliver. The MTA gathered more than 1,280 comments from 67 key events held to gauge public opinion on the design. Now we're seeking your input again at a series of BaltimoreLink Network Redesign workshops to be held from July through September.... more